The use of velvet is widely used on perfume packaging and now we enrich it by adding rhinestones on it
A few weeks ago we presented you our new velvet label creation that wanted to bet on this material that is perfect to soften perfume bottles image due to its quality and luxury appearance. 

Now we reinforce these aspects by adding rhinestone details that intensify this feeling


Exclusive manufacturing details can be achieved, such as embroidered finished edges or the use of a silk-screen printing system that guarantees maximum definition in texts, logos and up to three different colors on the same label. The introduction of rhinestones, which we can apply wherever the design requires, is our bet for this month.

Another feature of these personalized self-adhesive labels is their easy placement on any bottle or surface  (it is only required to remove the seal from the adhesive).

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Etiqueta autoadhesiva de terciopelo y cristales

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