As packaging suppliers, we are aware of the importance of using sustainable materials that are respectful with the environment and that allow to promote the circular economy. 

We want to offer to our customers the possibility of incorporating sustainable packaging to their portfolio of products by developing caps and jars made from Oryzite (rice husk). With this, we achieve a packaging that is:
✅   Reduce plastic up to 92%
✅   They are CO2 compensators and reducers.
✅   A cap made with 30% Oryzite reduces CO2 emissions by 70% compared to a standard cap made of 100% PP.
✅   They are 100% recyclable and reusable.

In addition, with Oryzite we can develop any other injectable part that is of interest to our client.

What is Oryzite?

Oryzite is a globally patented method created to incorporate rice husk into all types of thermoplastic compounds.

Rice is the second most cultivated cereal in the world. Approximately 750 million tons of rice are produced per year and 20% is husk. This turns out to be indigestible for both humans and animals and represents one of the largest agro-industrial by-products worldwide.

Thanks to Oryzite's technology, it is possible to treat and reuse this by-product and convert rice husk into a carbon-negative raw material that allows to replace plastic by up to 92% and, therefore, reduce its use, derived waste and the environmental impact generated by its production.

Using our sustainable packaging made from Oryzite promotes the circular economy, the one that uses fewer resources and the one that generates less waste.