As packaging suppliers, we are aware of the importance of using sustainable materials that are respectful with the environment and that allow to promote the circular economy. 

We want to offer to our customers the possibility of incorporating sustainable packaging to their portfolio of products by developing caps and jars made from Oryzite (rice husk). With this, we achieve a packaging that is:
       ✅   Recyclable
       ✅   Reusable
       ✅   Biodegradable at home
       ✅   Reduces up to a 85% the use of plastic
       ✅   Compensator and CO2 reducer.


With Oryzite, we can also develop any other injectable piece that is of interest to our customer.

What is Oryzite?

Oryzite is a worldwide patented method created to incorporate rice husk in a high percentage in all types of thermoplastic compounds.

Rice is the second most cultivated cereal in the world. Every year, we generate tons of rice husk, which is indigestible for humans and represents one of the largest agro-industrial by-products in the world.

Thanks to Oryzite technology, it is possible to treat and reuse this by-product and convert it into a raw material that allows to replace the plastic up to 85% and, therefore, reduce its use and the generated waste.

The objective of proposing to our customers to develop sustainable packaging for their products is to help them continue with their commercial activity and at the same time minimize the impact they generate on the environment.

Using our sustainable packaging made from Oryzite promotes the circular economy, the one that uses the fewest resources and the one that causes the least waste.