Perfume packaging

We design and manufacture your perfume packaging project and all the accessories you may need to personalize your jars and bottles in a unique way. We offer an exclusive selection of perfume caps, plates and chains, textile ornamentations, personalized self-adhesive labels in various materials (aluminium, zinc alloy, imitation leather, leather, wood, velvet, fabric) and even plastic covers and cases. In addition, we offer the option of reducing the environmental impact of your projects through our sustainable caps made from Oryzite (rice husk), a unique technology that allows to replace plastic and reduce CO2 emissions in order to mitigate climate change. 


Personalized self-adhesive labels

Personalized self-adhesive labels happen to be a very good option to customize perfume bottles and jars. We count on a wide variety of stamping techniques, materials and finishings to achieve eye-catching effects. Made of aluminium, zinc alloy, brass, wood or velvet, each one of these materials offer different possibilities that help to make customization processes much easier. 
We also suggest PU or real leather of self-adhesive labels for perfume bottles and jars. Combined with other materials such as metals we can attain amazing effects that will help create high-end designs for premium packaging. We count on an extensive colour card to select the option that can fit better to the final desired design. 


Charms and chains

We provide standard metal charms and chains or by creating new moulds we can design a completely personalized piece according to customer’s specifications. We offer a wide selection of galvanic finishings, different stamping techniques as well as the possibility to create new developments with rhinestones or combined with other materials such as wood or PU/leather. 


Perfume Caps

We develop caps for perfume bottles with unique designs and combining materials such as metal, wood and leatherette. We also count on a wide range of finishes and customization techniques that contribute to giving a premium touch to your perfume caps. In addition, we have a sustainable design cap made from Oryzite (rice husks), which reduces the use of plastic, CO2 emissions and is 100% recyclable. 


Wooden plugs and caps

We specialize in the design and manufacturing of wooden plugs and caps for perfumes and home fragrance products (candles, reed diffusers, home fragrances, etc.). Our accessories are entirely customized and geared towards high-end products.

At Ataviance, we create not just plugs and caps, but unique pieces that complement and enhance the identity of your products. We use the highest quality woods, ensuring the durability and distinction of each piece. Furthermore, customization goes beyond, offering multiple decorative options that highlight the unique essence of your brand.




Bottle covers and cases

We design all kind of bottle covers and cases made of fabric, PU/leather and aluminium to give to perfume bottles a more complete and sophisticated finishing. We suggest different materials and engraving options to make perfume bottles something more than a simple and standard container. 


Textile Ornaments

We have in collection an extensive range of textile applications for primary and secondary packaging (bows, pompons, tassels, tapes and cords). We suggest standard designs or completely customized ornaments according to customer’s demands. The combination of textile elements with metal parts brings interesting solutions at the time of decoration for bottles and jars