The third dimension has arrived for perfume labels!  


Someone once told us that the combination of existing elements and the unlimited creation is the basis of imagination.

Can you imagine a 3D label that is capable of giving life to a glass bottle?

We want your packaging to be recorded on the consumer's retina in a unique way and that you can transmit the image of your brand through original techniques. We help you differentiate yourself from your competition and integrate interactive packaging into your communication strategy. Make your target audience have a crush on your product and connect with it instantly.

We suggest you use 3d labels in your perfume packaging. Lenticular labels create illusions of movement, depth and 3D.. Through this optical illusion technique, we will be able to attract the attention on the shelf of the point of sale at the same time that we will contribute to significantly transform the image of your brand.

Renew or reinvent yourself ... that's the question! smiley
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