The label as a differentiating element 

I think therefore I am. I exist therefore I think. I think therefore I create. And creativity, magically, has no limits. It gives us room to be free, to be ourselves and to show the world as we are, or as we want it to perceive us.

And this is our reason for being. We think and create. We want to be an active part of the design team that develops your most innovative or traditional short, your most special packaging.

Among all the decorative options that we can imagine to dress up a bottle, the self-adhesive label is, together with the cap, the greatest element that can give a truly differentiating impact to the final result of the packaging. It is no longer a simple passive accessory that provides information about the brand and the content to be a "WOW" accessory when it comes to seducing the customer.

We have two great resources to design surprising labels: the material and the printing technique (embossing/debossing, screen printing, hot-stamping, embroidery). And both resources can be closely related to the meaning that you want to convey through the product and its packaging. For example, we can opt for a leather label with an embossed logo to give personality to a bottle of vintage wine. Or we can choose wood to develop a label that dresses the bottle of an organic perfume made with natural ingredients.

Velvet, aluminium, fabric, rhinestones, leatherette, wood... are all premium materials that add a unique touch to the great little details that accompany a packaging that seeks to be truly inspiring.

As Albert Einstein said, "Creativity is intelligence having fun."
 Will you join the party? smiley

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