Did you know that, once on the shelf, your packaging can catch consumer’s attention for just 4 seconds?


It is indeed a very short time. So let's get down to work and make your packaging really impressive.

Certain studies conclude that the way in which consumers normally analyze products can be divided into: head, heart, hands. First, there is the awareness that the product exists. Is the packaging attractive? The consumer then decides if it is something he needs or wants. Finally, it is time to take the product and put it in the shopping cart.

One of the biggest differences between a standard packaging and a premium packaging is the degree of interaction required. The most sophisticated products take the consumer on a journey offering a unique experience. Thus, premium packaging is essential to meet a customer's expectations of value.

Some ways to transform your packaging into premium include the use of materials inspired by wood or papers with metallic effects

We propose you an aluminum-based self-adhesive label covered by a wooden sheet where you can stamp your brand's logo and other texts with a perfect definition.

Wood gives the packaging an image of authenticity that reminds the customer of the traditional French oak barrels in which the liqueurs are aged for long periods. Metallic elements such as aluminum are also highly valued due to their luminosity and brightness as they attract attention from the distance.

In the age of Instagram, appearance is everything and packaging is not an exception
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