Tactful labels for special bottles


Velvet is still in vogue

We suggest you do a short exercise. Think about the last bottle of wine you bought in an establishment. Why did you make the decision to take that one and not the other one? Why didn't you doubt for a second that this was your choice? Did the price seduce you? The design of the label? Had they told you well about the quality of the wine? Sometimes we know exactly what we want and we go for it. But many others we are guided by the feeling that the product transmits to us to make the final decision. This is when packaging design can play a very important role.

When it comes to wine, we would like to be able to open the bottle, smell it, taste it and decide if we really like it or not. But unfortunately, this is not possible. We analyze the product from the outside and we form an idea of what it will be like in the inside.

Purchasing at the point of sale allows us to see the packaging, but also to touch it and even smell it.
The sense of touch, for example, is responsible for transmitting sensory impressions and helps us relate to the product. It gives us a series of very valuable information and gives us sensations that are impossible to capture only with the eyes.

So, apart from offering a beautiful and elegant design, why not choose to add a label that conveys the velvety touch of a wine through velvet? Apart from being very pleasant to the touch, it is a distinctive material, very resistant, versatile and that allows its customization through various printing techniques.
In addition, this type of label is presented in reels prepared for mechanization, facilitating labeling on bottling lines.


Does the idea seduce you?



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