Towel embroidery self-adhesive label

Gin is a drink that exudes glamor and class. And the cocktails made with it tend to be consumed in distinguished and elegant settings. A Dry Martini, for example, is a cocktail with its own label and deserves a careful presentation in keeping with its strong personality.

Additionally, gin as we know it today, is produced using natural herbal ingredients such as juniper. That is why this drink tends to give off special aromas that are reminiscent of botanical gardens, flowers or fruits.


Each of our proposals are the result of our dedication and passion to transmit the contents of the bottle through the packaging.

In this case, all this symbiosis of elements lead us to suggest a very special label to dress the bottle with an even more special alcohol. We offer a stamped “towel embroidery” self-adhesive label.

Close your eyes, grab the bottle and be transported to a wild and natural world with fresh scents of herbs.

It is pleasant to the touch, soft and padded.
Classy cocktails need a classy outfit.
Do you agree? wink.

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