Leather has been always welcome in the fashion sector and we have introduced it in the packaging world with the aim of providing the perfume industry with a certain degree of sophistication.

With our exclusive system of combining leather and metal we achieve a very high-end effect that enhances the quality of any perfume. This revolutionary system manages to embed polished metal marks and logos at the leather level, thus achieving a unique appearance where skin and metal merge into a completely flat Surface. The result is very special label perfect for luxury perfumes.

We can customize a design suitable to each fragrance both in size, shape and color, as well as control its production guaranteeing a high quality. We can even add some engravings and drawing on the leather according to special requests.

Like most of our labels, these are also self-adhesive, facilitating their placement on any bottle or surface, only by removing the seal from the self-adhesive.

If you are interested in this product do not hesitate to contact us and we will offer more information.

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