Biodegradable perfume cap made from rice husk and corn

The cosmetics sector is one of the biggest causes of the waste that is generated and that damages our planet. For us, it is not an option to ignore the impact that this great industry has on the environment. But we are also aware that this is a great challenge. How to attract attention, be unique and sustainable at the same time?

Natural ingredients, responsible packaging and creating a true social impact are the main factors that contribute to a fragrance being sustainable. In the market there are already interesting proposals aimed at achieving this objective. Natural fragrances, in-store refill stations, recycled glass and removable bottlenecks are some of the fragrance adaptations geared towards being more environmentally friendly. At Ataviance we join the movement and we suggest you dress your perfume with a biodegradable cap made from Oryzite (rice husk) and corn. These are renewable, sustainable and 100% biodegradable raw materials. Furthermore, Oryzite contributes to reduce the CO
2 emissions.

If you want to contribute to the revolution in the beauty sector, empower the circular economy and generate a true social impact without giving up design, Oryzite is your ally. Your perfume and the ecosystem will be grateful. wink 
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