In a constantly evolving world where environmental consciousness and the pursuit of universal truth are growing trends, the perfume brand Siuno has taken a step forward in the fragrance industry with its new release: Ulysses. This perfume is not just a sensory elixir but also a testament to their commitment to sustainability and a connection to the essential.

Siuno: More than perfumes, a philosophy
The name "Siuno" comes from the Italian words "si" and "uno," which mean "yes" and "one." This nomenclature encapsulates the idea that we are all connected at a deep level, that we all share a universal truth. In line with this philosophy, Siuno aims to unearth the purest within each of us, our "dharma," the inner purpose that calls us to discover who we truly are.

Ulysses: A journey of discovery
The Ulysses fragrance is not just a perfume; it's a hero's journey in a bottle. Inspired by the epic voyage of Odysseus, this elixir was consciously crafted to support you on your own inner odyssey of growth and elevation. The fragrance is a complex blend of green, spicy, and woody notes that creates an unparalleled citrusy and smoky aroma.

Sustainability at its best
What makes Ulysses even more special is its commitment to sustainability. Novsus, a pioneer in eco-friendly solutions, has collaborated in developing the packaging of this perfume. The sustainable cap, made from Oryzite, is the crown jewel. This material replaces 30% of conventional plastic with rice husk and reduces CO2 emissions by an astonishing 70% compared to traditional packaging. Furthermore, it is 100% recyclable, thus closing the sustainable product lifecycle.

The power of Oryzite
Oryzite is a globally patented technology that emerged from a 15+ year R&D project, developed in collaboration between Iban Ganduxé (CEO of Oryzite) and the Montsià Rice Chamber. This innovative technology has succeeded in transforming rice husk, one of the world's largest agro-industrial byproducts, into a valuable raw material that can replace plastic in various thermoplastic applications.

This technological advancement not only reduces plastic usage but also decreases the associated waste and environmental impact of conventional plastic production. Rice husk, indigestible to both humans and animals, has become a sustainable alternative that promises to revolutionize the packaging industry.

Connecting with the essential
The launch of Ulysses by Siuno is not just a fragrance; it is a clear message that it is possible to combine a passion for sustainability with the pursuit of universal truth. Siuno has successfully infused the essence of nature into their fragrances, promoting greater harmony with our surroundings. Through Ulysses, they invite us to embark on our own inner journey, discovering who we truly are and connecting with our purest essence.

In summary, Ulysses is much more than a perfume: it is a commitment to a sustainable world and an invitation to explore our inner selves. Thanks to the innovative collaboration with Novsus and the groundbreaking Oryzite technology, this perfume will not only captivate your senses but also your environmental consciousness.


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