A Collaboration that transcends the everyday  

In the sunny heart of Grasse, the cradle of haute perfumery, lies a sanctuary where immortal emotions are born: Atelier des Sens. Inspired by legends of antiquity and epic tales, this workshop embodies the quest for the absolute, purity, and rarity. By combining the traditional craftsmanship of Grasse's Haute Perfumery with digital modernity and innovation, Atelier des Sens celebrates timeless elegance through each fragrance.

Every perfume created is a tribute to powerful divinity and eternal elegance, a portal to forgotten worlds designed to awaken the senses and touch souls. Olfactory odes capture the eternal struggle between shadow and light, expressing perfect harmony in duality.

At Atelier des Sens, the goal is clear: to awaken the deepest emotions, transcend the boundaries of time, and create immortal olfactory experiences.

The collaboration between Ataviance and Atelier des Sens finds its place in the development of the metal cap and label. This alliance seeks to transcend the everyday by offering unique and unforgettable fragrant creations in divine packaging. The cap, made of zamak and gold-plated, proudly bears the brand name, establishing itself as a symbol of elegance and sophistication. Perfectly complementing it, the engraved aluminum label merges with the cap in perfect harmony. Every detail, from the shine of the metal to the meticulous craftsmanship, is designed to reflect the essence of the perfume: divine, eternal, and powerful.

At Ataviance, we understand that true beauty lies in the sum of small details, which is why every accessory has been meticulously selected to honor the magnificence of this perfume with which we have had the honor to collaborate.



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