“He is walking calmly down the long aisle of the store, absorbed in his thoughts and knowing that he has plenty of time to enjoy a pleasant shopping afternoon. Suddenly, he stops. Something catches his eye. Turns his head and there it is. He takes a step back to get closer but now the effect is different. The image changes and the packaging seems to be alive. Something is moving. He has no choice but to stop and analyze what he is seeing.”


This could be the reaction of the consumer approaching your customized cosmetic jar with a 3d self-adhesive label. This technique allows you to create illusions of movement and depth. The image changes when tilted and allows multiple messages to be transmitted simultaneously and interactively on the same label.

We want your packaging to be engraved on the consumer's retina in a unique way and that you can transmit the image of your brand through original techniques. We help you differentiate yourself from your competition and integrate interactive packaging into your communication strategy.

Make your target audience have a crush on your product!

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