Cosmetic packaging

We are your cosmetic packaging supplier and we design your complete packaging project. Furthermore, we introduce you a very easy and fast way of customizing cosmetic jars through a wide variety of adhesive labels. With different materials and stamping techniques, we achieve unique and eye- catching effects that will help to give a Premium touch to standard containers. We also develop customized cases in different materials to sophisticate primary packaging.  



Self-adhesive labels

Self-adhesive labels happen to be a very good option to customize cosmetic jars. We count on a wide variety of stamping techniques, materials and finishings to achieve eye-catching effects. Marbled and pearly finishings are our most recent developments. 


Covers and cases

We design all kind of covers and cases made of fabric, PU or leather to contribute to give cosmetic jars a more complete and sophisticated finishing. Creams, lipsticks and other self-care products can be finished with high-end customized cases combined with metal to achieve a high quality look in Premium lines.