Due to the current evolution of coronavirus epidemic (Covid-19) in Spain, ATAVIANCE has decided to activate the contingency plan in our offices in Barcelona in order to preserve the health of our professionals and partners, contributing to the containment of the virus in our working places and community and, thus, guarantee the compliance of our services to customers. 

For our part, we are following the recommendations announced by the Health Council of the Spanish Government in respect thereof:

- We have restricted our professionals visits outside our offices in favor of telephone communications, video conferences or email.

- Until further notice, we have restricted visits and meetings to our offices for exclusively professional reasons and needs for the next 15 days.

- We have activated a telematic connection to all our workers so that, they can work, and if applicable, from their home, in the case of confinement or to prevent the spread of the disease. People at risk or with children at home are already working from home and it is planned to extend this practice to the whole team insofar as it is necessary at a preventative level and to contain the spread of the virus.

- We inform our customers that ATAVIANCE will continue to provide the usual service, always following the recommendations and confinement measures that authorities rule on to combat the health crisis caused by COVID-19.

From ATAVIANCE, we take these measures with the aim of protecting our team, as well as our customers, suppliers and partners, and to curb the expansion of COVID-19.

In this way, daily activity will be maintained through digital and every effort will be made to ensure that the quality of the service is not affected.

The entire ATAVIANCE team is committed to continue to give the best of ourselves, while fulfilling the service commitments made with our customers and the community.

We would like to give all our full support to the affected people and our sincerest appreciation to the healthcare and public personnel who are facing these circumstances from the front line. 

We hope that we overcome this situation as soon as possible and we are convinced that with everyone involvement we will succeed. 

Thank you and best regards, 


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